Formalised patrols have not always proved successful in Neighbourhood watches, for various reasons.

The fact is that even our everyday activities, like a drive to the shops, taking the dog for a walk, the school run, or your daily trip to work can be seen as a patrol. It is a mind-set that causes one to be more aware of your surroundings and to trust our gut feel when we see something that does not look right.

To share and check out these occurances have many times prevented a crime. Keeping an eye out from your property to check that the street is clear of any unusual activity is a welcome participation in keeping crime down.

Report any suspicious activity on your street's WhatsApp group. This will be shared with other streets and participating security companies who will respond as appropriate.

Patrollers are the life blood of our neighbourhood watch, and should act as the eyes and ears of the SAPS who only have limited resources available.

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